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  • ‘Peace of mind’ critical to achieving long-term health

  •  Peace of mind critical to achieving long-term health

    Center for Cardiac Fitness patient Ken Cohen has worked with Julianne DeAngelis, an educator at the center, to stay fit after suffering two heart attacks.

    Cardiovascular disease killed Ken Cohen’s father at age 43 and then his brother at 30. So, it was not a complete surprise to Cohen when in 1988 he suffered two heart attacks at 36 years old.

    Cohen needed to become proactive about his health, so he started a cardiac rehabilitation program at The Miriam Hospital. 

    Twenty-five years later, the 61-year-old retired Providence police officer continues to exercise four days a week at the Cardiovascular Institute’s Center for Cardiac Fitness. 

    “The rehab program gives you peace of mind knowing that you are being closely monitored while exercising,” explains Cohen. “This level of comfort is critical as you work toward maintaining overall good health.”

    He believes that the conditioning and healthy eating habits promoted by the program helped him through triple bypass surgery six years ago. 

    The Center for Cardiac Fitness

    Whether a patient is recovering from an episode of angina or open-heart surgery, the Center for Cardiac Fitness plays a critical role in keeping patients’ hearts healthy. 

    The center’s services include:

    • Cardiac rehabilitation
    • Maintenance and prevention programs
    • An outpatient pulmonary health and rehabilitation program

    The program’s state-of-the-art facility is staffed with experienced medical professionals who provide patients with a balance of exercise, nutrition, stress management, education and individual support services. 

    The goal of the program, accredited by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, is for patients to incorporate heart-healthy habits into their everyday lives.

    Julianne DeAngelis, an educator at Center for Cardiac Fitness, says each patient’s needs are carefully assessed in order to provide the most effective and safest conditioning possible.

    “Our program activities are planned and conducted according to the severity of each patient's cardiac condition and functional ability,” she explains. “Baseline diagnostic testing and regular medical monitoring is essential to the program.” 

    Cohen’s success has led to two appearances in the World Heart Games in Georgia. The games are an Olympic-style competition for people who have cardiovascular disease or are at risk for it.

    “Whenever I hear about someone with a heart problem, I tell them cardiac rehab is a must. It made a difference in my health and my life,” he says. 

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